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Don Simmons is an Intuitive Counselor who uses his psychic abilities to assist people from around the world gain knowledge of their world around them and directions in life that will most likely bring about their greatest success, joy and prosperity.

He is a Medical Intuitive, Sound Healer, Meditation Teacher and Shamanic Practitioner. His linage is that of the Kahuna, the Hawaiian shaman, a Great Spirit Guide who became his teacher during the mid 1970’s. Don is an award winning filmmaker, published writer, lecturer and working Intuitive. He holds a Doctor of Divinity from Universal Life Church.   

Having worked as a Crisis Intervention Counselor in NYC, L.A. and Honolulu, Don brings to his reading not only compassion but an awareness of the human condition and frailties.  His readings will help guide you in order to co-create a more enjoyable life.

"A true compassionate and gifted visionary ..."

"You have foreseen many events which have come true but you also help me prepare for them. You advise when a change is needed and when to walk away. "

"I left my reading having learned new truths and with a sense of deep peace, exhilarating inspirations, and practical actions to apply - awesome!"

"Don invited questions, and his answers were detailed and right on the button."

"Your psychic impressions of clients and people I work with give me the edge I need for more success in business."

 "I was having trouble understanding my husband. Don cleared up all our problems where we can communicate more clearly."

"Hope you overcome any fear that is there and start the journey to a life you have envisioned."

 "He is such a blessing to me and many of my friends."

"You have a special gift...your readings have been very impactful to me."

"I suggest you seek out Don Simmons, he is the real deal."

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